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Hi all

I got this off the meteorite central mail list !

----- Original Message -----

From: "Ruben Garcia" <meteoritemall@yahoo.com>

To: <meteorite-list@meteoritecentral.com>

Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 9:51 PM

Subject: [meteorite-list] To whom it may concern........

Hi all,

It is with sadness and regret that I am writing today.

I've been thinking about this for some time now, and

today I have made my final decision. Let me explain.

Due to certain personalities in this hobby I have

grown more and more disenchanted with meteorites,

meteorite collecting and meteorite hunting.

Also, in February I was told by my dermatologist to

stay out of the sun. This is because of non-cancerous

lesions that have appeared on my face and hands over

the last year. According to him my attempts at

covering up are not working. Since I am allergic to

sun block I am pretty much out of luck.

I've always said that when this hobby ceased being fun

I'd cease doing it. I'm done.

To make a long story short, I have already taken down

my website and will remove myself from this forum

a.s.a.p. I will no longer write about meteorites or

meteorite hunting. I am walking away from all the

trouble and trouble makers. It's just not worth it.

Unfortunately, I'll also leave behind the fun and

excitement that I used to have when finding meteorites

with my son, or teaching a newbie.

I will honor any deals or agreements regarding

meteorites that I've made in the past.

Don't feel sorry for me or my son though. I'm sure

that we'll start doing all the things normal Fathers

and Sons do. Diamondbacks and Suns games here we come!

Thanks to everyone that helped make the last 9 years



Ruben Garcia

Ruben Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona


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Hi John B, Scott, and everyone else that emailed me this morning.

First of all thanks for caring!

My reason for taking a break (maybe permanent) is fairly straight forward. For a while now several personalities have been trying to cause trouble for some of us out in the field.

A few weeks ago I was notified that someone in California was impersonating me. They were sending out bogus emails to state agencies claiming they were me. I know who did this but have no way of proving it to the meteorite community. Strangely, there have also been nice emails followed my harassing phone calls.

I don't need the trouble so I'm taking a break.

That coupled with the fact that I have to stay out of the sun, has made this hobby difficult for me. I may return one day if I can clear up my skin problems and these California entities cease causing trouble.

Hope this all makes sense.

P.S. I still have several stories in the next few issues of Meteorite Magazine. So even though I'm gone I'll still be around in print for a while.


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sorry for your troubles...seems like there is always someone to cause trouble...why can't they mind their own business!! I am sure you have considered your options for protective clothing, hat and gloves...many medications cause photo-sensitive skin even for those of us with latin or indian genes.......

Best wishes


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Hi Ruben, I have never had the chance to meet you and I hope that might change one day.

You have most likely passed very clost to my house....I live not to far from stockton Hill rd on the way to Red Lake....

I will miss your posts and I would like to thanks you for what you have shared with us beginers.


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We will stay in touch. Thanks for all that you have shown me. I had a great time hunting with you and consider you a friend, anyway lets keep in touch, I bet the meteorite bug bites you again sometime soon. You are always welcome to join me while hunting for gold, relics or meteorites if you ever feel so inclined. Talk to you soon.

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Sounds like you have a fight on your hands. Some things are worth fighting for. There are worse things than losing a good fight too. I hate to see this part of humanity and what it is putting you through. You have to know that you have a whole bunch of people supporting you and I am one of them. I would really like to meet you some day. I have heard a lot about you through one of the best friends I have on this earth, Mike Morgan. Mike speaks highly of you Ruben and I don't know Mike to waste words.

I hope that wherever you go that it won't be far.


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