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These first 2 pics come off the 3rd one. You can see metal flecks in the pieces. They are moderately magnetic and don't leave any color streak on tile. What do you guys think? The compete rock would be a good 200 lbs. There was a confirmed siting in 1928 in the same area. My great aunt actually saw it in the ground but she hasn't seen this one to confirm.


These pics come from peices of the big shiney rock i posted in http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index...?showtopic=9822. These peices are just odd. They are slightly magnetic and looks to have a really small shiney sparklies inside. The surface is very weired. Leaves no colored mark on tile. There seems to be a definite outer shell. It just seems odd because this big rock just doesn't seem to belong. Just to let you know, we were covered with ice at one time but long time ago. This rock should have been covered by now. I have no idea how big it is. All peices I collected are heavy for their size.

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Hey there guys, I have found someone an hour away from me to help me out with these rocks. I just sent him some pics tonight so I will keep you up to date if anyone is interest in finding out any more like I am. Thanks for all the great info and leads I have found thanks to this sight. I believe I have become a meteorite hunter for life, not just a rock hound. Anyone with ideas on my find is still welcome.

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