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Cosmic Candidate?

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Hi Guys

You need to cut and polish an edge and it should have bright silver looking metal !! Don't count on an etch because Joe loves to throw away the valuable ataxite irons and only keep the crap that leaves a pattern. If there is bright shiny silver metal don't get excited instead cut off about 1 gram and have it asseyed for nickle. If it's at least 5% then a lab will look at it otherwise it's scrap iron !! Joe get off this etching thing ?? I've seen irons with the exterior centimeter or 2 not have a pattern probably from ablation heat !! So if you advise that make sure the grind deep enough into the specimen to catch the pattern ,sometimes a window may not be enough !! Happy Huntin John B.

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I have not thrown away one meteorite or meteorwrong, I keep everything. So you think every piece of iron that looke unusual is a meteorite? I have a chinga meteorite that turns black when etched, That is why I keep all of my meteorwrongs, I just call all of the stones I find meteorwrongs until I find out different, which I will get each and every suspect meteorite/meteorwrong in my collection tested. I do not know where you are getting all of this hate for me, but I am sorry. Etching is still the quickest way to tell if an iron is a meteorite, if there is an etch you know it is a meteorite, if the etrch turns black or looks different I would still do a little testing before calling it junk.

That last photo looks like a good canidate, I would definatly have some check it out.

Happy Hunting,

Joe Kerchner

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Hi Guys:

Kind of surprised it showed metal but I still don't think it's a meteorite. That last picture shows some sort of stratification or layering which I don't think is natural. I would test for nickel like John B mentioned in a previous post as your next step.

Good Luck


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Hi Joe and All

Joe I have no dislike for you or anyone else on these forums. I once suggested for you to take your maybe space rocks down to Mrs. Waddwa at the field museum. Most labs won't spend much or any time on irons unless theres been a nickle assay done !! There is just way to much scrap iron out there. There are also annealed and worked scrap iron that to the untrained eye can be confused with a pattern and they are not. Happy Huntin John B.

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The one time I went to the field museum Mrs. Waddwa was not there, or so I was told. I asked someone, who had to ask another worker, but I was told she was on vacation. I had a four of them that I wanted her to look at. I took photos of some of the meteorites in the collection, you can see them on my website. I plan on going back soon. I live 2 hrs away.

The labs are backed up, wich I think etching is the quickest way to tell the difference between scrap and a poss meteorite.

Happy Hunting,


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Found this by eye. Here are the characteristics:

Heavy (100 grams)

Very Magnetic

Seems to have regmaglypts

Pics attached.

I do not see any regmaglypts, also do not see any reference to streak test results. I personally would do the streak test on that polished face. If when grinding the specimen, the water turned a rusty red color, then you have Hematite which in turn would have set your detector off, unless you have a Wally-world detector...... A meteorite with that much metal in it would set any decent metal detector off, unless of course you are operating in coin mode and rejecting ferris metals.... :Huh_anim]: Hematite has Antiferromagnetic properties which will account for some magnetic attraction. :shrug: :unsure: :brows:


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Hi Paleface,

I am using a Tesoro Compadre in "All Metal" mode. It's not a high end $$$ model, but definitely not "Wally World"

I am using a fresh battery and same results. Detector works fine. This rock does not read whereas other ferrous rocks have.

I ground the window using an electric grinding wheel. It shot some sparks during grinding as iron would, but not enough to prove to me it was primarily iron.

Streak test results are mixed:

I streak tested the exposed window I ground and got nothing but a rock with porcelain powder on it. No streak.


Some areas of the rock streak reddish black and some areas streak black. God, I hate streak tests. Alot of meteorites are partially Iron and DO rust. We all know what color a rusted surface would streak as.

Look at the first photo for the POSSIBLE regmaglypts. Thumbprint indentations at the top center.

At any rate, this rock DOES NOT HAVE A FUSION CRUST. Unless reflective brown is an option.

All inconclusive.

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