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Unofficial Franconia OUTING

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My wife has them days off and said ...yep she would like to do an overnite campout at Franconia

So if you can make it, do ya want to make Sat night a pot luck or ?????

Post as to what ya want to do and if you are gonna make it

Franconia Camp Out

April 21st & 22nd Sat & Sun

From ...when ya get there .....untill ya leave I guess....I will try to be there in the morning some time on Sat.

:feedback: :feedback: :feedback: :woohoo: :woohoo: :chowtime:

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I will be there with bells on! Well, maybe no bells..., I don't want to upset the wildlife :laught16: , but I'll be there. I am hoping as many people as possible make the attempt to come. I would like to make your acquaintance. I will also arrive early Saturday, probably between 8:00-9:00a.m. so don't hit the field without me :ROFL: .

I'm not normally a potluck type guy, but I'll make an exception this time. My mother-in-law makes a good marinated beef on a skewer stick which are always a hit; I can bring them as well as whatever else is needed, just let me know.

Mark your calenders everyone! Hope to see you there.


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We will come one of the days if all goes right. Will post what day as the time gets near. I have to check out when I have off . Looking forward to seeing you again. We might be down there this weekend on Sat.

Rick & Connie

PS. I want to talk to Scott about his find this past weekend.

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Hello everyone, there's something happening on saturday the 14th that I'm going to PM all of you about very soon! I just have to get all the details before sending it to you. :;):

Del :icon_mrgreen:

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Got wind of the outing on the 14th and may call in sick for that day. :innocent0009:

Anyone who wants to really get into hunting meteorites may just want to mark it down on there calendars for this one.

Aloha for now, Stan aka Kaimi

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Greg I think they are going to meet on the 14th....Since my wife is not off that weekend I am not sure if I will make it yet.

I will try but am not sure at this time

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