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This coming Sat. at Franconia....

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We will be coming down from Las vegas on Sat. morning . We have a party to go to on Sun. I hope to get down there around 9:00 am. Rick and Del are you coming out there during the day ? Rick I would like to try the coils you have !!!! This time we might be able to spend a few hours out in the field . I would like to know how to drive over to the north side of the tracks . We walked in last Sun. Connie might have made it a few hours with out the walk in, and she had a place to go back to .

Hope to see you all down there on Sat.


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Hi Rick, sorry I won't be heading out there this weekend, because I simply wore myself out last weekend. I'm probably going to be scouting out a couple gold hunting locations near Pasadena this weekend. I will proably head out there pretty soon though because I'm getting a new detector that I need to practice with and Franconia is the perfect place.

As for coils, now that I think about it, it might be a good idea to get another coil more suited for hunting in mineralized ground. I think there's a 6" x 9" DD coil you can get for your MXT. Additionally (I was reading up on the MXT a little bit) I think there should be some way to set it in prospecting mode.

Driving over the tracks- I'm not sure on this because I know in some places out there you can drive to and some you can't because there's a wilderness. I'm sure someone reading this post will clarify this for you?

If you head out there, good luck!


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Hi Rick, I am not gonna be able to make it on Sat, Mom had surgery today for Cancer so I am going to stick close to my Dad to give him some support.

We will get together I am sure.

Lots of Luck out there

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I hope that every thing goes all right with your Mon . We will see you in a few weeks , we will post if we find anything this weekend . The main thing is to make sure that your mon is doing ok before you come back out to play .

Best wishes

Rick & Connie

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