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Presenting my 50mm Guang Dong Tektite Sphere

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I don't make my own Chondrite or Stone Spheres, I have a shop in Texas make them for me and they did a super job on this one.

It's impossible to capture the beauty of this sphere with a photographs so I'll describe it the way the sphere maker described it to me the day he shipped it.

"It's a perfectly black glassy sphere with zero translucency, I have never seen a material like this."

Here are some pictures.

This one is with no editing


This one is edited (which looks horrible). If anyone knows a way to photograph a very reflective black sphere please email me at bobadebt@ec.rr.com


You can view my whole collection at http://home.ec.rr.com/bobadebt/50mil.htm


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Looks like it probably gorgeous.

As to how to photograph it, google photographing cars or products for adverts.

A (relatively) simple way would be to create a "box" or cube out of medium weight white cloth, and the illuminate that from 2 or three angles with lights. Leave one side open for the camera. This will provide a diffuse, even light for the sphere. Then out of camera view, place or tape some black rectangles of card stock or paper, moving and turning them so they show the curvature of the sphere.

You could also do the reverse, and create box from a very dark grey or black fabric, thin enough that some of the light comes through, then use white rectangles of cardstock as reflections.

Thanks for sharing your great collection.


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