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Franconia Irons

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Great shots! I have one that is shaped almost like a peanut with tiny micro craters. It is soooooo different looking when you see one under this much magnification. They are all pieces of art!

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Dan thiose are great photos, thanks for shareing, I can't wait to get me an iron.

I would be out the weekend with the others but I got relitives from out of state coming in so I will have to pass this time, I know there will be an NEXT time :icon_mrgreen: :laught16::laught16:

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Very nice photos. The little irons with character are super photogenic. The one in the top left corner has a real nice impact crater. Do not try cleaning any of the little irons with harsh chemicals, some or all of the patina will be lost in the process. The caliches can be removed by soaking in plain water and shaking is a pill container. If further cleaning is warranted, scrape the stubborn stuff off with a plastic or wooden instrument such as a plastic knife. There are those that do use mild chemicals with fair results, but keep in mind that if you do not neutralize the chemical residue left in and on the meteorite when you are done, it will continue to work and you may be surprised at the damage.....


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