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Franconia this weekend anyone?

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:whoopie: Sounds like you all had a good weekend at Franconia. Stan, that 146.7 gram stony is a great find, hope you pop one like that every trip from now on.

Glad to hear that Scott broke the ice, next time out there, plant one of those small irons among some real hot pieces of red basalt and practice until you obtain the best signal possible in manual

GB. Put a small rice size iron in a film canister and use it for a throw down, hit the grab button often and re-train your ears to the throw-down. You will find many more irons this way....... Refer to your manuel or dvd instructions on the proper use of the grab button when in M-GB. You can usually ground balance in auto trac, flip to manual and hit the grab with a pump or 2, your unit will remember the last ground that it saw in auto trac. You can adjust your gain while swinging over a small iron, turn it down to the point that the signal barely starts to drop off.


Yes, I did put those clamps to good use. Have them on all my detectors and extra coils mounted on shafts. Found a neat way to attach them with the plastic ratchet ties. No more tape or velcro for me.

I sure thank you for that hand full, I have made good use of them. a real light sanding on the closure makes them much easier to open and close when changing out a coil.


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Mahalo Jim for the tips on the GMT ground balance feature. I just got a book from DEL titles zip zip and it also mentions doing the same thing. I am definitely going to practice since I do have a bunch of small irons. I think I should do a lot better my next trip since I now know what to listen for while looking for them small irons.

You definitely need to check out the two stones I found this past weekend as they are different in all ways. they were found about a half mile apart and the small one was about 5 inches down while the larger one wasonly half buried and clearly visible.

Looking forward to another hunt with you guys sitting around the camefire exchanging info.

Aloha for now,

Stan aka Kaimi

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Many thanks to Stan and Del for showing me how to use a metal detector and hunt the field. Del is the champ at finding the irons and of course "Lucky Man Stan" is good at plucking out the larger rocky's; though I don't think it really has anything to do with luck. Nice job again on the 140+ gramer Stan!!, it got my heart pumping and made me confident there are more out there to be found (with a lot of hard work).

I consider my first time at Franconia a success. I am confident my newly acquired machine works well and that I somewhat know how to use it. I found all the key trashy items that let me know I am doing a good job; numerous wires, about 5-6 bullets, and 1 bullet casing. I managed to pull out the 2 irons Stan mentioned, 1 of which was pretty tiny. Those hot-rocks can be tricky though. I wasted a lot of time digging up pieces of buried basalt; I did notice the difference in sound but decided to dig them up anyway to make sure I didn't leave a meteorite behind on accident.

Thanks for this tips Jim. Stan showed me the grab function but I never really got the hang of it. I just kept pressing the - and + buttons until the unit seemed balanced. Stan is going to let me borrow his DVD on using the GMT. I didn't get one with the unit. I like the idea of practicing with the throw-down in between highly mineralized basalt. That should really train my ear to hear the iron in among the basalts (which was the hardest part for me to learn).

I plan to go back out in a couple of weeks. It was nice to meet you Stan, Del, Rick and Connie. Hope to meet many more of you next time. Until then, take care.


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I was talking to Jim about that in the field today....... a pulse can pick up the small chondrites I've been finding, but they are so quiet that it would take u years to dig every target that quiet....

I'm talking about small buck mountain chondrites in the 1-3 gram range....


I have yet to see any meteorites that were found at Franconia with a VLF that I haven't been able to detect with my Minelab. If you have some you have tested and could not hear with a Minelab, please bring them with you to the next outing. I would love to test them with my Minelab. :icon_mrgreen: I would hate to think I am walking over meteorites with my Minelab that you are finding with a vlf, but anything is possible. :coffeetime:

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