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Large crater found in California

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Yet another meteor impact crater discovered. Excerpt from the article follows:

“Scientist believe the meteorite is buried nearly a mile beneath farmland. Three dimensional images show the circular crater created by the rock are estimated to be three miles wide. They say that this event occurred over 50 million years ago. “

Also, they state:

“The impact would have been as powerful as 100,000 atomic bomb blasts and would have been seen and heard for hundreds of miles.”

Essentially, they are talking about 100,000 Hiroshima sized bombs, added together. I say this because most such impacts and statements are measured against the Hiroshima bomb, which was roughly 10 kilotons in size.

The world has been struck many, many times before and we’re just really starting to dig deep enough to discover these sites.

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We are living in exciting times. Geologists' are just beginning to understand the impact that impacts have had on earth. These mountains like Rich Hill could very well have been raised up in a matter of minutes not eons.

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Yeah as technology develops and gets better we'll keep hearing about discoveries like this. It's only a matter of time before gold and other valuable minerals will be discovered with satelites.

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