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I have seen Meteor Crater and was awe struck. Now on my vacation next month, I have an oppurtunity to visit another impact crater in Utah on my way to Oregon. Upheaval Dome seems to have a lot of scenic and interesting geology to share and experience first hand. This impact supposidly happened about 60+ million years ago, so most if not all of the meteoritic material has weathered away. It also lays in the middle of Canyon Lands National Park, which means that even if I did find a piece I would have to leave it there. I found some interesting articles and a trail guide for those of you that may be interested in learning more about it. Here are some links.




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I enjoyed the links you provided on the Upheaval Dome, that is quite interesting. You are absolutely correct, there probably isn`t any surviving ejecta and judging from the erosion in the area, if any did survive, it is probably buried quite deep. That image by Dayl Brinkman is impressive, rugged country.

Sounds like you are in for a grand vacation, hope that you find the other $4500 (face value) in gold coins.


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Hey Paleface,

Good to hear from you again. If you're like me, then your learning something new almost everyday. These computers are amazing for, you can learn just about anyting on one. I think as the science comes in more in the future we will know just how important Extra Terestrial matter has had to the geology of our planet. I wouldn't be surprise if oneday it be known that alot of our mountians were formed from impact events instead of just plate techtonics. I even suspect that the plates have been shifted around because of impacts in the past. Who knows?


I hope you will be able to go with me for the first part of my jouney, for some meteorite hunting. :icon1:

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Thanks for the encouragement. I wish I could invite everyone that I really like including you, to join me on the gold coin hunt, for it is an absolute that coins have been dug there before. It is just a matter of how many there is. I don't own the land, my step brother does, so I am at his mercy when it comes to sharing. I am not in this game for money, rather the experience and excitement, so the more the merrier, but others have different reasons.

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