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space rock or iron

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Had a chat with my detecting buddy yesterday...............

tomorrow if everything shapes up we're off to the mountain (oohhhh) where the 300kg mass.........WAS.

if possible we're going to beep a little and see if there's more Iron below the surface......

would some of you that know about these things take a look at these coords. and see if you think that's a crater? :feedback: ...........14°31'17.78"S 48°46'3.90"W

it's only 0.77 of a mile NW of the 300kg mass.

Thanks for looking.

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sure resembles one, but i think only nasa could really tell you for sure, you could collect some local rock and see if it has any shocked quarz in it. i think more intrestingly, if it is the impact site of a main mass, it would mean there may be many more pieces, largest being closest to the crater and smaller ones further away in what ever direction it came in, maybe SE?

hope you find some oversized iron's


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morning meteorite fans, here's another question: do meteorites "generally" fall from the same direction?

Example: tornado's "normally" come from the SW-W direction, maybe meteorites also have a possible fall direction. :feedback:

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Hi folks, sorry I've been away for awhile............

yesterday got back to the meteorite ranch.........found out a lot more about what's taking place there...........

Two brothers own several thousand acres of the mountains there, they are now both in their late 80's..........the one whose land that the Irons are on is in the hospital in the state capitol........he won't be back...........his Brother lives next door (three miles) and when he's there (not often) he says he's in charge.........

the owners son who also lives in the caiptol is the typical youngester that we've all seen inheriate land (won't be long) who hasn't had to work or put out anything to survive and has an attitude. Example: soon as dad is in the hospital, son goes up the mountain with six oxen and a cart and digs up the 300kg mass and hauls it away........story is someone from Urugruay bought the Iron and it's now in a museum in the capitol here(BS).

So now it's a family pissing contest.......who gets what when the old man is planted...........

at least had a good visit with the ranch foreman yesterday, young, hard working and a very friendly person.........his salary is $165.00 a month.

Here's the cart they used to haul the 300kg down the mountain.........

and Carlos the ranch foreman.............



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morning meteorite fans, here's another question: do meteorites "generally" fall from the same direction?

Example: tornado's "normally" come from the SW-W direction, maybe meteorites also have a possible fall direction. :feedback:

Hi Don:

I asked this very question on another forum and I didn't get any responses but my thinking is there's material from so many different sources - there wouldn't be any particular fall direction. That's just my opinion though. Perhaps someone else could enlighten us. It's estimated that 100 tons of meteoroids enter the atmosphere every single day. Most of it probably gets burned up but the larger pieces fall to earth.


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Meteors have the same chance of falling from the SW as they do falling from NE or any other direction. I remember one night I saw a big one not far from here, it came from the SE. I post it on the Met List. I later had a guy contact me saying he had saw one on a meteor watching radar of some sort. However the one he saw came in from the NW. Thes happened at nearly the same time, less than an hour apart. He said the one he observed ended up south of chicago, the one we saw landed in the oppasite direction, near Princeton. Both in IL.

Joe K

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Guys from what little I've been able to find out and to actually see is the Irons that have come from this area were found in a very small area of the 300kg stone.

Withing just a few feet of the big one are a few( four or so) digs that have been filled in, unusual, and I suspect that the area hasn't been detected very good because nobody here knows that the rocks they detect here are meteorites, as far as most are concerned their just "hot rocks".

Actually probably no more than half a dozen people have ever beeped this area, they were looking for gold.

I see a lot of problems ahead with the son who is already taking charge even before his Dad is dead, that was a bold move on his part moving the 300kg stone.

At least I have a project.........

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Morning folks, I have a question about the preservation of an uncut 2kg Iron..................

first thing I did was washed it in RAIN water...........would it hurt or help the Iron if I sprayed it with WD-40?


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You can do an electrochemical treatment on it. That would remove the rust and can reverse the rusting process. WD40 is what I sometimes use after etching, so it souldn't hurt it.

Here is a link on iron preservation, Good Luck and Happy hunting!!!!! http://www.meteorite-dealers.com/preservation.html



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You've all heard the old saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained...............

for a number of days something has been tugging at the corners of what used to be a descent mind......

got to thinking that when a bullet strikes something solid like, steel, wood, human body the lead expands or mushrooms...............

so what happens to the little pieces that fly off..............if you happen to be unlucky enough to standing in the wrong place at the right time you'll know darn quick............

now take a meteorite that's coming down hill at a tremendous speed, when it hits the ground does it just go thud and that's it or..............does it more or less mushroom and shoot out little pieces...........I know the answer to at least one Iron...........in every direction to the sides.

Weights and pics cleaned later.......BTW cleaned these in well water, drawn with a bucket myself. Pics later when their good and dry.


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Joe and Steve yep, there are more in the area, we only beeped a small spot and found more but were loaded down as it was so didn't take any more, why get greedy.

Haven't weighed them yet but I'm thinking about 20kg...............here's how they look cleaned up

In pics #1-#2-#4 there's one rock on the extreme right side and in pic #3 it's on the far lef.......it didn't come from that location...........

don't know what it is..........but is magnetic........heavy..........has "dimples" all over it.........inside it looks like course black that's been glued together.





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Guest GotGold


This is awesome stuff.....where's Colorado Bob when you need him....must be taking to many 'solo' transporter trips.... hey Bob, you need to be gettin us down there to 'help' bag it up and bring it back. :laught16:

Check List:

Passport (current)......no laptop.....payolla.....paupers clothing.....obnoxious body scent (to be used after arrival) Note: O'dar de Skuk'e is Not Recommended....tends to have a following! :Huh_anim]:

Wait a minute, I can't forget the "de-coder ring"....but YIKES....where in the "H" am I going to hide it? Anatomical suggestions are not welcome, :whatever: nor is this a secure way to travel.

I'd be afraid of the (de-coding) circumstance that may come about during such a storage process!??

Geezzzz.....sometimes it's better to just drown in a bowl of "Cheerios". :outtahere:

Keep bringing forth the good stuff Don...I love it! :icon_mrgreen:


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unreal stuff mate, it's great to see such successes. the one with dimpless is a good quality(i recon) meteorite that has had much less weathering than the rest, the thumb prints are called regmaglypts

"Regmaglypts - are thumbprint-like depressions on a meteorite caused by the uneven flow of air during passage through the atmosphere and the consequent surface melting and ablation." from meteorites aus.

if you have time on a rainy day go to meteorites.com.au it has answers to alot of your questions and some good stories to.

i have a question/s for you garimpo: how thick is the rust on those meteorites? are there any large pieces of pure rust near by?



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Ok, now I just did a "scratch" and nothing happened................the toilet stools are a dark brown so I used the soap dish in the wall............

where do I look for a "scratch"? on the soap dish or the rock? If I screw up that soap dish I'm in deep dodo.

Alex as for rust, the hole was really trashed out but I didn't see any pieces or evidence of large pieces of rust............

the pieces I have here only have rust here and there, looks like just surface rust in spots.

Weighed the bucket of stones yesterday and it's 12.7kg, I suppose .7 could be the bucket.

I'll try to start weighing the individual pieces tomorrow.

Almost forgot..........how do I test these stones.........cut a tip off or sand off a small area?

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I was thinking the picture of that "mystery rock" looked like it might have been hematite. That's why I thought you might get a reddish brown streak when you tested it. I'm not sure what it is but I doubt very much if it's a meteorite. The color is wrong and it seems to have some other lighter colored matrix attached to it. My next guess would be jasper. Try and chip a little piece off and see what color it is.


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