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More California Meteorite Finds!

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Those are beautiful finds, Ruben. It blows my mind that they were in such soft sand! Maybey there's more to be found in the same places after the next big wind. That definately screams RETURN TRIP!


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Congrats. You definately have the sense of where to find space rocks. Wish I could have been with you, maybe this weekend. Take Care

Your Bud


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Nice finds Ruben! I am brand new to meteorite hunting and in the process of acquiring equipment. It's going to be hard to convince my better half to allow me to spend money on my newfound hobby :POsmiley01: . My plan is to show that I can bring home some meteorites, which I think will intrigue her to let me "invest" a little cash. I will need to go in bare bones at first, by sight and magnet. I live in Southern California; with my limited equipment, where would you suggest I start? Lucerne & Coyote Dry Lakes look promising. Also, any pointers on where to start looking when I get there would be appreciated. I am reading up on the subject and how to spot meteorites now :coffeetime: , I am going to buy a Garmin Legend GPS next week and plan to start hunting March 3rd weekend. Thanks in advance for any advice/tips.


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Awsome finds guy. :yourock:

Wish I had the time to get out too but WORK (isn't that a four letter word?) calls and i must answer.

Save some for us working stiffs.

Aloha, Kaimi aka Stan :cigar:

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Hi All,

If you subscribe to Meteorite Magazine you already

know that current issue contains a story about some

nice finds my son and I made in California.


The meteorites we found are currently undergoing

classification(it could take 6-12 months for

classification)and I'll post the results right here as

soon as I have them. I'm sure it is an ordinary

chondrite but that's all I know right now.

Several list members have asked if I'll be selling any

of the over 400 fragments that we picked up.

Truthfully, most of the fragments, and all of the

small individuals are already gone.

Out of the nearly 8 kilos found I have only 2 kilos

left to sell or trade. If you collect California

meteorites or would like to have a meteorite in your

collection with an insitu picture here's your chance.

Each meteorite I have listed will come with an 8x10

insitu picture. Click here for pictures and prices.


I will consider trade but not for the ones I've listed

here. My son Ruben Jr. needs to raise money for a new

metal Detector.

If you'd like to make a trade then I'll have to take

some pictures and email you off list. But remember all I

have left for trades are small 5-80 gram fragments.


Ruben Garcia

Phoenix, Arizona


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Hey, Rubin;

excellent article...the joy of hunting with your son must expand the thrill of the find beyond measure!!! I see by your BIO that you were born in Durango, Colorado...that makes us almost related, I was born March 8, 1950 in Durango, Colorado. My mothers half brother still lives in Durango...my Uncle Willie Martinez. My father and mother were born in the area and I am sure I have loads of relatives still there...just a little extra info...


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Hi Fred,

Ya, My son is very fun to have out in the field. He's been showing all his friends the Magazine and telling them the story.

Its all about making memories and having fun. By the way I also read about your adventure. It looks like you had some fun too. Franconia, Gold Basin and Gold, you can't do better than that....


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