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Hi all, I went out today first time with my detector I purchased (beginner) and studied some maps of my area for hours and decided to go out about 20 some miles from Surprise, AZ.  I found a dry riverbed, well there was still wet dirt a few inches below.  and I found this...can anyone help me Identify this...my detector said 97 Silver...how can I tell and what do I with it ...is it valuable?  Sorry for my newbie questions but this is great fun! thanks all!  Also the piece is about the size of my hand. 



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I live in Surprise and have not heard of native silver.  This tends to oxidize over time to either black or green.

I do recommend taking a magnet to it and seeing if it sticks.  Next would be to see if it can mark paper like lead would.

My first instinct is its some type of slag.

You can call pawn shops and see if for a small fee, they can do an XRF analysis.

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We find those all the time where we hunt and Clay is correct. Its most likely a fire pit nugget of aluminium or other softer metals that would melt in a fire. See how one side is smooth and the other is rough/course from being molten on the dirt. Keep detecting, you will find cool stuff eventually!

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