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Could anyone help in telling me what this might be.

Found out magnets will stick to the dark part but not the split part

also noticed the nipple part has a shape on one side that lines up with the oblong groove
I know nothing about stones, but the markings on this seem very strange





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Don’t mistake my response to have any special knowledge.

I suspect this could be an iron ore, perhaps the black magnetic ore is magnetite and the brown is hematite.  Magnetite will stick to a magnet, hematite is extremely weak on a magnet.

The holes in the brown ore make me think it could also be basalt, a fancy name for a category of lava flow.

could be round if it was rolled in a river the right way.  River rocks tend to be round.  Pediment is angled rocks that could have broke from sun and freezing and tends to be angled.

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