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Few coils for sale for ML GPX Detectors


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Tesoro 8" Round Concentric Search Coil  75.00 

  • Search Coil Type: Concentric Search Coil Shape: Round
  • Search Coil Color: Brown
  • Connector: 5 Pin
  • Compatible Metal Detectors: Tesoro Cortes, DeLeon, Golden UMAX, Silver UMAX, Outlaw Metal Detectors


 Detech 15×10″ Mono Coil  150.00

No coil cover, runs as it should, very smooth threshold. I sprayed some flex seal epoxy on bottom.


Detech 15″ Ultimate spiral DD coil. 160.00

 I used a few times then decided to sell it. I sold it on Ebay but the buyer returned it as the postal service crushed the box. He stated it had a few cracks in it so I took it back and returned the 275 dollars. I tested the coil on my Minelab GPX 4500 and it works as it should. The cracks are on top and can be easily sealed, I attempted to spray some sealer but the sealer I used was garbage. This Detech coil works, it doesn't have a coil cover. I know she's ugly but like I said it works just fine. I only use Mono coils these days. Like I said I only used it a few times, tested it after cracks ands she's fine. 

It's great for relic hunters as well for those that hunt gold nuggets. New ones are 425.00 dollars. I am offering this one at 160.00. I don't usually take returns but I know some people may be skeptical and concerned about the way it looks. So  buy it and see she hums just fine, and when over a target she will let you know. 
This is a savings, I good find and she'll pay herself off, I've done it with all my coils, used and new ones I have bought. 







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