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The old WSPA claims at Rye Patch Nevada.

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This ground continues to produce good size nuggets even at the camp site where the meetings where held.

It came a huge rain last night into today that might have exposed some fresh gold. Ken Rocco is in camp and will maybe make a report. I have to hear south very soon, looking for a RV spot around Dolan  Springs or Meadview for the winter. I.have lost contact with all the people. I knew in the area while taking care of my late wife Polly Ann.

Emails are welcome as or phone calls to928-232-0497 or 972-215-8868.


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It's too cold for me all ready! You got to remember Rocco has glacier  water for blood ! It's 49 degrees this AM and rained hard yesterday ! Going out for awhile this Am to checkout a spot then getting ready for the road in a few days.

Still looking for a rental spot between Dolan Springs and Meadview. Water gets to be a problem at GB and Los Wages is too far. Come soon as Rocco will have all them nuggets sacked up.



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Im hearing you... Waiting on one package that didnt show up here at Truckee, CA today but it's suppose to be 33 tonight. Forecast says it's warming up tomorrow for at least a week. Hopefully the smoke will stay on it's current path. Zero smoke up here tonight btw.

Tell him to save one or two for me :cowboypistol:

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Max both Dolan and Meadview each have RV parks.

You can Google them for info.

The Meadview one is Walking distance ( across the street) from GSSN club claim.

Let me know if you end up in either place I'll meet up with you one day.

Good luck best wishes.

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