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So, how can I get the info on a mine that is at these coordinates?  
35•26’41.35”N   114•52’30.10W

Just curious about the time period and minerals they were chasing.  I found several Prince Albert cans and a 1/2 quart Blatz beer can, so I’m thinking 50’s or 60’s.




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 The google coordinates are 35 26’41.35”N 114 52’30.10W.  I start by pasting this in google.  This is in the Nevada area south of Vegas.

From there, I go to my landmatters.org.  I click on maps, goto mining claims, click on Nevada, and then zoom in on the area of Nevada.  Once I’m in the area, there are overlays I turn on.  Start with the mining history overlays.  This will get you info.  Once you click on the symbols that appear, this will give you mining info.  Often also googling the name of the mines will give you more detailed info.

Look at the claims that show in the section you want to go to.  The maps are available for download from the county site.  Last I checked that area of Nevada to download each county record had a fee associated, so I did not download.  This should give you a clue of what’s there.  

Also turn on the Base Layer topo feature.  That may bring up some more, unnamed mines, prospects, shafts, tailings, etc.  The mining section of the USGS key will explain the symbols https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/TopographicMapSymbols/topomapsymbols.pdf. If you ever go to the USGS site and download the maps, For whatever reason, the new USGS maps hide these mining features.  The USGS still has historical maps for free download that contain the mining symbols.

I do download the USGS historical map for the area I’m going to and save it to my electric divide before I go out.  https://store.usgs.gov/map-locator.I will print up an 8 X 11 of the area I’m going to prior to going out.  Sometimes you’ll find special maps for geology.

A google search of Nevada will also bring up some documents that will talk either in general about each district in Nevada or specifically about a certain area.

There’s more I want to post but my internet is slow and I’ll get to it after work.

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Thanks chrisski, I’ll put this to use in the future.  I’ll be out of signal for the next few days and then I’ll practice up on your technique.

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Nevada is good about claim information.  I found a site that listed old placer claims in Nevada. They actually had some placer claims that Shorty Harris from the Death Valley found and claimed many years ago. Finding the old claim locations can lead you to a new area. Have not been able to find information like that in Arizona.

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This is from Placer Gold Deposits of Nevada by Maureen G Johnson:  Searchlight District.  "Most of the placer gold was recovered from gravels described as ancient riverbed gravels, remnants of which occur in the vicinity of the Newberry Mountains.  Some of the placer gold may have been recovered from the main Searchlight mining area."  I should have added the following: "the meager information available about the placers indicates that these deposits are east of the main lode-gold mining area between the Newberry Mountains and the Colorado River."

The book is a great resource.

Good hunting!



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