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Need some guidance to Feather, Yuba, American Rivers sniping & detecting and hydraulic pit detecting access

Deep Beeps

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Hello everyone,

I had posted here before but Steve accidentally deleted my account and I lost the follow up posts. So if you notice this post please re-post your comments. (I lost a few contacts from this post last time that are in the area)

I'm headed up to the Sierra's the second half of this September for a month or so and have not been prospecting in that area for some time. So looking for some intel if possible. I'll be in a very big MB Sprinter van with a long tail overhang.


  • Are car break in's as bad as I remember. I use to leave my windows down in my old truck just so they wouldn't break the glass and still would have my jumper cables, old work gloves and cigarette tray change stolen (Yankee Jims).
  • I know the Middle Fork of the Feather is un-claimable (Wild & Scenic) and the part of the North Fork of the American near Yankee Jim's is open to everyone but are there any other unclaimed/open to public spots on the these rivers that I can do some sniping/crevicing/detecting. Again my vehicle is large.
  • Are there any hydraulic pits open to detecting
  • Any good access points that this mega van can get to. It's 10'2" tall, so trees can be a factor but has great clearance outside the long tail overhang.


Thanks again for your patience and I understand no one is going to give up their super secret favorite big nugget go to spots but Im coming off a few surgeries and wont be able to do 5 mile hike ins, snipe all day and pack out. More like park next to the river and jump in right there plus with the huge van Im limited on access points anyway. 

If this doesn't work out I'll most likely be headed to the Rye Patch area or some other Nevada locations if the temps are comfortable and detecting my way south to SoCal and AZ deserts for the winter season where I'm much better versed and can return the favors.

Also, if anyone is looking for some company I'll be chasing good gold and better weather while doing the VanLife thing.


Jason aka Deep Beeps

Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 3.43.11 PM.png

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Really need to join a club and access their claims.

Good for knowing the wild and scenic rules.

For unclaimed land, that changes daily.  Start by looking at BLM and forest service land in the area you want to go to on my land matters, see what is claimed for that section.  This will tell you the number and name of the claims in a one square mile area. To get the level of detail you are asking, pull the claim maps from the county online database those claims and build yourself a map.  Since the land matter database is around two weeks old and claimants can hold onto their paperwork for 90 days prior to filing with the county, also need to check for new icings in the county database that don’t reflect in land matters.

What I just mentioned typically takes me 40 hours of research before going putting boots on ground for prospecting, but avoids mineral trespass and is the only way to find unclaimed f ground.

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