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ISO Minelab AC 110v Wall Charger & Headphones

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My SunPro headphones went bad on me, interesting thing the curly cord rubber failed and started to crack exposing the tiny wires inside, Every time I took them out more of the curly cord black rubber insulation failed. Wasn't even over stretching it. Regardless, I tried to replace the cord with and old set of Whites headphones cord I had but as I took it apart, getting it all back together failed. Had nothing but problems with these SunRays with the red knobs. So all I am looking for is a good used pair of headphones someone may have and no longer need. 

Also in need of a Minelab AC 110v Wall Charger just as I tossed the 2 sets of now destroyed headphones into the trash , I looked over at my charger and noticed my battery stopped charging, no light blinken, boorb appears my 110 volt charger went bad, so I am in need of one of those also. I thought about not buying used detecting equipment but I know someone has some sitting in a corner so I may as well try to save some money. 

Willing to trade gold for it also if we can come up to a fair price.

Thank you!

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Check this out, never had this happen to any of my headphones before, headphones appeared brand new when I bought them from a member on a forum. Perhaps some bad mix in the rubber processing and sun degradation to make it so soft for the little wires inside to break through like it did pictured. Anyways I know I could have sent them in for cord repair but this set was sent in before for another issue I had with them, the postage doesn't warrant it for the second repair in the cord because I can see a third issue may come right after. 😅 posting pictures just for general interest. 



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