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Memorial for "SHEP".

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I wanted to place a post here if it belongs in another area of Nuggetshooter then by all means move it there.


SHEP was an avid member of this forum for many years, many knew him.

He left us this week, he liked listening to the pipes, drums, anything to do with Scottish Highlands the sounds.

I prefer to think about him passing away as "Moving on to Caledonia"

I had alot of fun with him over a span of years and if he could speak from beyond , beyond I believe he'd quote the words of this Tune Caledonia to all that would listen.

R.I.P. Shep you're HOME 

I'm going to miss you breaking my cojones all the time !

R.I.P. August 2022

In Memorial :


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Well said Frank.

Shep would help anyone anytime, that is just how he was.

My thoughts are with Donna, Barbara, Doug and family.  

This will take time.

He surely will be missed by many.


Thanks Shep for all the great times, laughs, adult beverages and wonderful meals.....  Oh yea, morning coffee.... Thanks.... 

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Shep was such a great guy. Especially when he and Patrick would get together and pull their shenanigans on me! 

Many years of great memories were made with him around the camp fires at LSD and the Q.

I remember when he found a really big quartz/gold specie in a dry washer throw pile and had it slabbed for jewelry. 

He brought his big "dog turd nugget" down to the Q one time and let me hold it!  Must have weighed 3 lbs! 

He was always a friend to everybody. Just a all round great guy!  

Sure will miss him.

Tom H.














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I talked to him at one of the outings a few years ago. He was a very likeable guy with lots of knowledge and will certainly be missed by his friends and family. 

RIP Shep 

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Wow what sad news -I  just got out of a 9 day stay at the hospital myself my health hasnt been worht a $h!t either for the last few years-so I didnt get the news till today RIP Shep you will be missed

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Lots of great pics and memories posted here. We only met in person a handful of times over the last 20 years or so, but Shep always treated me and my boys as family. I deeply regret not getting together with him since he relocated to AZ. Closer than ever, yet too far, and now gone too soon. 

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I didn't know him well, but met him at one of Bill's outings, and he told me last year he would help me with MD4V.org vets in Arizona. R.I.P. Shep, and prayers for your friends and family.




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How sad, he was a great presence here. I’m sorry to not have been able to meet him in person at one of the outings, and  to get his pointy finger towards where the gold is!

Hope his family is doing well, my deepest condolences to them.

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Shep was a great man in all ways fair sharing and a great ball buster when he likes you so glad we were able to go out hunting with him a few months ago   Has anyone any info on the service for him godspeed buddy 

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Frank thanks for starting this post I know we all have not chatted in some time but I feel we all agree  he was a special character  beyond the norm glad to see all the pics   God he had sparking eyes that will be missed  don’t need to post and can send me info theses things can be delicate that said I want to make the trip when we figure how it will play out we lost a great man friend  and soul   

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Oh my.  I'm saddened to know of Shep's passing.

I was around him and Patrick enough to know how much fun it was to look for nuggets at Tom Wells Road.  He gave me several pointy fingers around the place that resulted in nuggets but he will always be a better detectorist than I'll ever be so he wasn't too worried about giving up a couple here and there.

I'm glad I made it into a picture with him that is posted from one of the outings.

I too remember the nugget he had made into some great jewelry.  I also remember when he flipped his rig.  That was a shock but this is more.

Shep, I'll remember your flag blowing above your rig.


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Ah Shep, man you were a fixture at every outing.  You may be gone from the earth but your spirit and memories will never be forgotten and be with us always.

God's blessing be upon you as you enter the pearly gates and accept your eternal reward in the happy Gold fields of heaven.



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So sorry to hear of this, but I hear the nuggets are bigger (it'll be hard to beat his one-pound nugget)and easier to find where he's headed.

Here's to wishing you happy hunting Shep.

All the best,


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