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It saddens me to have to tell all that knew Rick Herron aka- RoadDog passed away on his birthday last month.  He was 58... I learned a lot from him about swinging a coil and what to look for in the hills.  He was quite good at sniffing out the nugget patches.  RIP - RoadDog

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51 minutes ago, Au Seeker said:

Sad, he was not that old, what happened, was he ill and it just got worst?

RIP Rick/Road Dog

Completely unexpected. No autopsy was performed. Corner suspects blood clot, stroke or heat exhaustion. He was found at home after a welfare check as requested.   

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Shep also passed yesterday, to Donna, I'm sorry. I know it was unexpected, I just talked to him last week, He was my friend for 20 years, RIP Shep, you were one of the good ones. Grubstake


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Sorry to hear the news about Shep, went on a few hunts with him here in Mariposa, always generous and willing to show you the ropes on nuggethunting.

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