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 During one of our hiking adventures in the 80's looking for an old Gold mine on the map we found the foundation where the stamp mill use to be & close buy was the remains of the steam boiler that had exploded , Cast iron pieces where scattered about the place , Back then I did not bring a camera when hiking (Wish I did) , We found the mine portal was collapsed so we went up a small tributary that had a 40 ft waterfall we had to climb , On top there was broken purple glass coming from a group a trees up about 30 ft from the creek.  we started digging thru the debris of rotted  wood & pine needles & hit Metal , The rotten wood was the handles from Picks & shovels , On the top was an upside down washtub keeping everything protected from the elements , Removing one piece at a time 3 frying pans , Coffee pot that had the holes on the bottom repaired with melted lead bullets , home made bacon strainer , A lipton  Tea can that was full of square nails , Coffee cans , broken purple glass & the picks & shovels ,  I think the coffee cans are from the 50's so I hope the Antiquities act does not apply to this since they where only 30 - 40 years old when found ,  Had a Great hike took photos when I got home ,  The coffee pot now has a home on top of the wood stove .    Never stop searching never know what you will Find.


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Very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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Now those are sweet!! Great finds for sure!

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