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I was told it was petrified wood, but . . . .

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Can anyone identify this?  It is sitting on a 8 1/2" x 11" binder for scale.  The black and white anomalies are roughly1/4" across, and 1 -2 " long.  The dark area in picture one shows an area I polished and wetted.  Thanks much




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I've never seen anything quite like that before so I really can't say it's petrified wood or not. But those anomalies could be some type of wormhole or insect borehole imho.

It's a very nice interesting looking piece. Did you find out yourself? If so.. where?

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The piece was given to me by someone who had no idea of it's origins.  Did you notice the various cross hatch patterns on the end of the anomalies in the polished area?  If they were boreholes, l'm guessing they filled after petrification with a secondary mineral?

Found this pic. just now - is this similiar?  


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I'm nut sure if it's petrified wood or not...but the inclusions could be some type of Chiastolite or something similar.



A photo. 

See the source image

Or they could be some type of Staurolite A.K.A. "Fairy Cross" and "Fairy Stones"


A photo.


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Very nice!

Its a Phyllite, a metamorphic rock, with large Porphyroblasts of the mineral Andalusite,ver Chiastolite.  This is the best specimen I have seen of the mineral Andalusite. 

The rock has experienced a great deal of chemical weathering, such that the iron bearing minerals have been converted to the yellow mineral(s) Limonite/Goethite (iron oxides/hydroxides)) commonly called Ochre.

Great find!!

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