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Iron Meteorite or Slag?

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Hey there, my name is Chris from the UK.

I went out looking for fossilised sharks teeth near the fast eroding cliffs near where I live and came back with a very heavy rock that the metal detector set off.

A magnet sticks to it and grinding the edge reveals what looks like native iron and some kind of black material?

I'm sure you guys get asked this all the time but I would really appreciate it if you could take a look a the pics and tell me if this looks more like slag or a meteorite? Thanks :) 






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23 minutes ago, xracer550 said:

It looks like one from the grinding end , Try this maybe = https://www.amazon.com/Nickel-Meteorite-Testing-Solution-Single/dp/B00K1J9FSI

Thanks for replying. The proper meteorite test kit is unfortunately unavailable, however I've found a very similar Nickel allergy test kit which mentions meteorites so I'll order and see.

Thanks for the lead, cheers!

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