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Is this meteorite?

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Hi, I found these nuggets. They are very heavy probably more than piece of iron or steel with the same size. Non magnetic and has some crack which I am curious to crack it open just to see internal structure. There is some pattern on surface like crystal. Please help. Thank you


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Good Afternoon,

Unfortunately those are not meteoritic but terrestrial rock. What type, that I don’t know but maybe hematite nodules. There are some great people on this forum that can and probably will let you know what they are. 
The only characteristic they present close to a meteorite is the color in the first pic. 

Keep hunting, Jayray. 

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They are most likely hematite nodules like Jayray stated.

Do a streak test.


You can use the underside of a white toilet tank lid as a streak plate. My guess is it will streak reddish brown.

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Welcome to the forum.  Your rocks are certainly not meteorites. You can save your wife's porcelain plates by going to the toilet tank and turning over the large porcelain lid to the dull inside. Then, scratch the rocks heavily on the backside to leave a streak. Grey, black or dull red indicate it is not a meteorite and probably contains oxidized iron, which does not occur in space.


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