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Cleaning rocks/minerals

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Hello everyone I’m new to rock hunting or hounding and I’m addicted to it bad! I come home after working 8 to 9 hours a day and spend up till 11 to midnight cleaning rocks or trying to identify them etc. I’m having trouble with the brown crust on the outer part of the mineral. I’ve tried soap and water, lemon juice, iron out and vinegar. I’ve tried using a table grinder and a steel brush made for a drill. The steel brush and grinder are the closest thing to getting it off. Is their a simpler way? Ive got a lot of blue chalcedony and quartz I’d lake to make one solid gem. Any ideas? Thanks!!

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Welcome to the forum!

You also posted this in the proper forum section this morning...BUT you need to have a little patience and wait for others to see your posts/questions and they maybe able to give you some advice, there's really no need to post in other forum sections, the members who maybe be able to help you will see your other post in the correct forum section, many of them may not even see any of your other postings not in the correct section because they mostly are only interested in the Rocks, Minerals and Fossil section.  

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