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1st real hunt of the year!!

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Hello everyone, 

I hope your all doing well and getting out. I finally made it out swinging the detector yesterday for the first full day this year. We have had a few short trips but nothing great due to the snow sticking around and the weather just being totally cruddy. Yesterday i was by myself because the boys had other things going on. I ended up finding another spot in our general area we usually hunt. Found it on Google Earth, and we have been driving past it for the last 10 years. That spot produced the pipe mouthpiece and 3 of the Chinese coins. The next spot i hit was the spot i hit the Seated Half Dollar last year. The iron is horrible in there so i wanted to try the new small coil my son got me for Christmas. I ended up pulling 3 more Chinese coins and a thimble out of there and i bet i only made a 20 foot circle with that tiny coil. The picture of the eagle button and the silver personalized pocket watch back was found 2 weekend's ago when my oldest son and I went out for a few hours. We got ran off by the snow. Im ready to go chase some nuggets now!! Take care everyone!








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Nice! Do you think it was a Chinese camp?

That fry pan is a beauty. It looks old - maybe 1840's - 1860's. Is it intact, no holes? It looks like the pan itself might be copper.

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Hello Clay!

Yes there are little Chinese camps all over the property we hunt. I love the old Chinese relics and coins.

The frying pan is in amazing shape! It is actually steel. It was about 15 inches deep and it has no holes in it or anything. 

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