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Moving Back to NH

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Yup! Time has come for me to leave AZ. My family has been requesting me come back for over three years now. My bout with Covid scared me being here alone other than my dog Max. Family didn't even know until I was almost over it. Long story for another day. I love AZ and all that it has offered me over the 11 years I have lived here and the 10 years prior to that when I came out in the winter in the month of February. I still love detecting and will be taking both my GM1000 and Equinox 800 back east with me. Look out seacoast beaches! LOL! I'm going to post some things in the next couple weeks in the classified that I would like to sell and not take back with me so please visit the classifieds when you are on the site. Departure time for me to leave for NH is still up in the air but I have given notice at Sportsmans Warehouse that May 14th should be my last day. Sometime after that and hopefully before the first of June I will be packed up and leaving. 

This forum site and the people on it have been a great family to me and I hope to be able to continue to check in from time to time once back in NH. With a little luck I may be able to come back for visits during the winter season. Thank you to all of you who I have met personally and to those I have not met personally I consider that my lose! And as for Bill Southern ... well I couldn't have asked for a better mentor and friend ... Thank you Bill for putting up with me!

All the Best in Health, Happiness and Gold to you all!


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I hope all goes well for you Mike! You can still BS with us on the forum from NH. Im sure they have internet back there also 😁.

Take care Mike.

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Well at least our steaks are safe now! 

Good luck to you Mike. It has been fun meeting up with you at the 

Tom H. 


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Thanks for the kind words guys. I don't think I will be a complete stranger to the forums ... they are a bit addictive and I have been an addict here for maybe close to 20 years!

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