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1850's- 1860s Hold your Tongue !

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Well I can tell you these don't come around very often, but my smile gets real wide when I see it come out of the ground. :rolleyes: I can say its as good as gold for me especially the bronze cast ones. The gold has been scarce so once in a while to take a break from diggin junk iron and trash and when that motivation goes down I take out the ole Whites MXT. I am so used to this detector that I have never really considered upgrading to another vlf, I scan, it goes Beep and I dig the target, goes just as deep as most of the new ones. Before I left the house I said to myself maybe I will  find a belt buckle :idea: and I am not  kidding anyone , cause if I did, I would only be kiddin myself :89: the very first beep, this sucker came out. I was a bit freaked out by it all, I mean I thought it and KA Bang !! a tongue holder of a 2 piece buckle as my first and only good find of the day. Thought I would share this story because I am beginning  to believe that if your hunting gold or relics put in a positive thought and keep believing that the next target could be the find your looking for. 


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Another bucket lister for me and the boys!! I am really surprised we haven't found one of those yet where we hunt!! Thats awesome, great find!

Now go find the tongue!

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