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Please help identify this beauty

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Hello, I've been trying to identify this with no conclusion. Everytime I think I figured it out, browsing more pictures only brings more doubt. Any help is greatly appreciated!

the first picture is the outside and how it looked when I found it. The top is one solid inch of mica flakes. Crystals grow square edged tubular. Cannot see any crystal habit. Breaks most 90 degree. theres iron and magnesium that will buff right off the exposed faces but are beautiful inclusions to the super clear crystals.  IMG_20220301_144816.jpgIMG_20220301_144955.jpgIMG_20220301_144927.jpgIMG_20220301_145403.jpgIMG_20220301_144939.jpgIMG_20220301_145130.jpgIMG_20220301_145130.jpg


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BobAK.. not an agate. There's not a single band in this. The last picture is the camera due to the light polarization from flashlight. I live in Minnesota and I have upwards of 5,000 agates. Also crystal clear crystals that do not scratch with quartz. Thanks tho...

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The 3 faces shown here broke off almost exact perfect square as you see. I quick polished up to 6000 but that perfect edge was already there. There's a clear crystal that bulges from the face to the left, that crystal makes up 70% or more of this cube. The last picture (above) you can see the outline of the clear crystal and what seems to be a hexagonal shape. Again, either no crystal tips, or multiple different trigonal crystals form one tip but are brittle because if a triangular piece breaks with a cube it ends up being extremely thin. Everything is square blocky. It's like hundreds of divided crystals (mostly square) "tetris-ed" into a large blocky specimen with an inch of mica flakes cemented to the top. IMG_20220302_132514.jpg

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I find this all the time where I live. I don’t know the name but I always say it’s like quartz / chalcedony mated and tried to have a baby and parts came out jasperish and other parts came out more quartz. It’s a half breed of the same microcrystalline. Just my opinion, It’s cool stuff though. 

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