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New Guy, possible meteorite?

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Hi - I have a nice rock too! Maybe from planet earth but maybe from further afield... seems to have remnants of a crust and has thumbprints and lines... magnet sticks to it and heavier than 2.65g/cc so some iron. Was found in a clayey field in Wales over lias bedrock... have some pics but can't see how to add...

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1 hour ago, Alan. said:

Ah - that's how 🤔






First and foremost, welcome to the forum! :thumbsupanim

I have moved the 2 above posts into your own topic and into the proper forum section.

You "High Jacked" 2 of Jack120 topics so far, I have fixed that, please in the future start your own topic and refrain from high jacking other member's topics please!!

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