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Early season gold nuggets (early season for me anyway)

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With a bad auto accident in spring and all the fires later, 2021 was not a banner year for me to get out and search for nuggets. So I started a bit early this year with a invite from a friend to the low country in the far western edges of the Sierra Nevada. It was a great trip with excellent weather in the mid-70s. I got some good gold but my tent was attacked and stomped on by cows! I think these were attack cows, specially bred by the military for stealth counter-terrorism. 😉
Or something like that.....🤣

The tent is repairable though I needed to buy a new section of tent pole and give the tent a through washing. The photo below shows the gold, 7.4 grams, just a bit shy of a quarter ounce. The largest piece, at 3.5 grams was a partial sunbaker - partly covered but some of it was showing. It was good to get out and find some gold, I enjoyed it so much I did up a Youtube video if you are interested its at: https://youtu.be/hNeHNJVG7LQ

IMG_0894 (2).jpg

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Very nice Chris!

Gotta watch those covert cows while out!

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I'll be out there again in the coming weeks. This time I'll be alert for the attack cows. I'll also be trying some different things to find gold. When I get the results, I'll post some photos here.

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