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opalized petrified wood from Virgin Valley, Nevada

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I enjoy remembering the vertical stump in place on the open desert ground, and the appearance of dripped colored wax opal was running down the stump which was several feet high. The colored opal and the fire in sheets was truly a beautiful sight.  Much of the wood in the valley is heavy in carbon and the opalized partial conversion leaves most of the surface opal as light to dark brown, to translucent black. Close looking at the dark material shows very detailed cellular structure as seen in this video, but I am surprised this is white opal from the location. Hope to return someday to collect a few pieces of the fire color opal for myself. Interested to know if the mine has run out over the years?

Currently writing on marsroverblog.com where we are seeking carbonates and opal silica which might have fossil content of some size. My account cover sheet background image here is from image sections of the first week of March, 2022, for the Perseverance rover. Many unidentified details as in the cover image I uploaded today. Your video is a nice color LED lighted view of the cell structure of wood and white opal in combination, and reminds me the process of opal formation is ongoing.

Lots of water in the Virgin Valley material, so it ofter forms a crazed surface breakdown fairly quickly. A few million years old. Thanks for the view.

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