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Is this a meteorite

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Hello, found this rock today that didn't look like anything when half buried in the dirt but when I picked it up it had remnants of a shiny metallic looking crust perhaps. Anyway, pulled out the Google saw some similar looking rocks that were so I brought it to the pros.  Crappy pics, sorry. It is magnetic and from space.














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The rock is foliated. It has a directional grain. That is caused by gravity. Meteorites do not have that characteristic.

You know by now that any magnetic rock can be eliminated by observing the streak and a cut surface. You core drilled the rock. But you dont show a cut surface nor mention the color of the cuttings.

As a result the chemical and physical state of the iron remains unknown. And the chemical and physical state of iron is how you differentiate a meteorite from an terrestrial stone.

There are no meteoritic characteristics at all. No fusion crust. No chondrules. No visible metallic iron. 

There are obvious terrestrial characteristics. Foliation. Sub metallic minerals. And what looks to be a silica rich basalt matrix. 

If a stone shows magnetism with a regular magnet simply identify the iron that is attracting it. Look on the surface of your core. It's either shiny metal flakes or its not. Polish a spot with 220 grit wet paper and look at the slurry. It's either watery and colorless or it colored red or grey. This is how you test a rock. 

You are into drilling rocks. Every specimen you have shown us has been cut in some way havent they?

You have already done the tests. You just need to observe your results.

Find one with free metallic iron and/or chondrules. Until you see that you simply don't have a meteorite. It's just that simple. 

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If you had found a meteorite and core drilled it, you would have destroyed most of the value imho.

Absolutely no reason to core drill when all you need is a good streak test and a little grinding or filing.

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Being that most of the stuff I'll pick up is not a meteorite I really wasn't concerned with drilling it out I just like running it by y'all first before I throw it back and it has some kind of a crust on it that's the shiny stuff reflecting in the pictures that's the reason I picked it up all the rest of it was very uninteresting I just was curious about the metallic-looking crust or whatever

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Ordinary rock, be kind to your own health.  Don't drill on rocks.  Unless you are drilling under water, you stand a chance of breathing in dust that can be toxic.  To protect yourself, you don't want to breathe the dust, ingest it or even in some cases get it on your skin.  I suggest doing a little research on the toxicity of some rock dusts and then I think you will agree with me on this.  The best thing you can do for identifying rocks is get some books on the subject and study them.  Rocks can be a great interest to get into.

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