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The Little Harquahala Mountain Meteorite

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Hi All

Our very own Goldstudmuffin Russ Williams found this in 2006. It was originally classified by Laura Bleacher at ASU as a Urielite (sp?) . But her files were corrupted so it was reclassified By Dr Larwence Garvie as an H Melt Rock. I did a trade for it and have all of it minus the ASU piece. Russ was Beepin for nuggets when he stumbled on to it. All of the pieces came out of one hole and all fit together. What I understand is a melt rock is beyond a 7 classification (no signs of chondrules)and was altered after extensive heat exposure. Probably extreme shocking of a fly by close to the sun ??? I Think ??? Here's the pictures. Happy Huntin John B.



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Thanks John B. I met Russ in that general area years ago. He took me to one of his nugget patches. He also gave me one of his busted pick handles that I turned into the best fish whacker ever. :5bat:

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