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The Palo Verde Mine Meteorite

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Hi All

For those of you that have hunted Franconia .There were not so loud (detecting)sounding and somewhat less magnetic meteorites. I found several of these on the eastern side of the strewn field . These and I believe the Buck Mountain were L chondrites. L meaning Low Iron. As a matter of fact I turned a couple of them over to Laura Bleacher at ASU and never got them back. I think this pairs to a 16 lb meteorite, world class hunter Sonny Clarey found, the day I found my biggest there. After Bob Varish was selling some slices of Franconia at the Gem and Mineral show. An army of hunters hit the area. Fortunately I already had a good quantity of stones  and tiny irons from there. I quite hunting it with about 30 kilos almost all of it was sliced up and donated to museums and universities. I kept a 4 lber a 350 gramer and a few slices and lots of little irons. The area still gives them up but it's a lot of work for not so many space rocks now. One of or my last hunt there was with our forum owner Bill Southern. I showed him and a couple others around were I had made many finds. This slice is off the piece that was classified and named Palo Verde Mine. Happy Huntin John B.



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