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Hi All

I don't know a whole lot about these other than they can be purchased at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show. That's where these came from. As I understand tektites they are meteorite impact glass that has left and reentered earth atmosphere. There were some that thought that some may have come from impacts on the moon. But I think that has been some what dismissed.  Impact glass is the silicates in the soil and rock that are melted upon a large meteorite impact. There are a number of different tektites known .These are only one kind of many type known . I have other types but I'm not sure where they are at. Years ago I sent some samples of Saffordites (volcanic glass) I discovered to a fellow named Hal Povenmire who wrote several books on tektites. He invited me to be in the bunker at a launch of the space shuttle. Also a hunt for Georgiaites which he had a place to find them at in Georgia. I believe he has now passed on .Well here's some pictures.

Happy Huntin John B.



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