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The Wickenburg Meteorite

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Hi All

Here's a picture of my piece of Wickenburg. I bought this from Steve Arnold of Meteorite Men before he was famous. I've Known Steve and Geoff Notkin for many years. Geoff built my old web page dontvisitoman.com after my incarceration and deportation . Well there were 2 large football sized masses, one found in the 60s and the other 15 years ago or so. They thought it was different and tried to name it Vulture but it paired to the Wickenburg. I believe it was found on the caballeros ranch or in the vicinity. This is a piece out of the center of the Vulture piece. I believe Ron Long and a few others have found some pieces of this as well. Happy Huntin John B.



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Yes, I believe the books and notes about the location to be slightly off. I'm leveraging Ron's finds along with some others from this forums. My goal is write up a new documentation of the "established" strewn field area to support my hypothesis. I'm still looking for one of my own before I can prove these details. Nonetheless very excited and hope to share so others can get out and join in on the fun, excitement and journey of this hobby and support the science!

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Hi Guys

Yea Ron Long has found a few smaller ones. I meet a guy from Oregon at an outing up in Wickenburg near the vulture. He had a small one about the size of a golf ball. It was found in the Vulture placers area. He wasn't to specific with me. It would be cool to know strewn field info. In the old days the meteoritical bulletin used the locations only as towns, Mountains, or other land marks as find locations. Now the use GPS coordinates if they are available.

Happy Huntin John B.

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