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On my way to my nugget patch.

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Hi All

Quite a few years ago I took a friend of mine to a nugget patch. With the intent of claiming it for the Desert Gold Diggers. George who as now past on, took off out the truck and was last seen cresting the saddle , before I had my gear on. Trying to catch up I got this screaming rock. Within moments I knew it was a Meteorite. So I hunted around for a few minutes ,then took it back to the truck. I think George was skunked but I got a couple of nuggets that day. I dropped it off at the U of A for classification with Dr. David Kring. Then I organized a hunt with Jim Kriegh, Twink Monrad, George Volkar, Bob Boor, and Myself for the following weekend. Bob Boor got a small piece, Jim got three pieces and I got three pieces and a couple nuggets. I 've since found a couple more pieces on a real dry year when the cattle cleaned the vegetation down. Well the U of A got about a 1/2 inch slice out of the middle of the big piece ,I also gave about a 3/8 inch slice out of the big piece to ASU. Several other small pieces were donated to places I don't remember . It was Classified as an L5 breccia and named Dos Cabazas mountain. Here are the pix of the meteorite and some of that nasty yellow stuff the got in the way of looking for more meteorites. :) Happy Huntin John B. 




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Hi Guys

Slim the meteorites were with the goldmaster3 as was probably 75% of the gold the other 25 % of the gold was with my sds. All this gold came from an area probably the size of a city block or so. Mostly hill top , hillsides and benches. The washes were pretty well cleaned out of gold and full of trash. Thanks Mike and Mr Silicate.

Happy Huntin John B

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