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Which one(s) aren't a meteorite

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Hi All

Here are three stones I found. Which of them aren't a meteorite. None of them have visible metal in them that I can see with the naked blind eyes that I have. The 2 on the right are strongly magnetic the one on the left is barely magnetic (almost not Magnetic). The winning guesser wins my admiration.:rolleyes:

Happy Huntin John B.GEDC1328.JPGGEDC1330.JPG


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Wow. Who could possibly not want to take a stab at winning some John B's admiration??? :nutty:
My guess is the 2 on the left are not meteorites.

It's nice to know you are still alive and kicking John B. 

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If you say you see no metal in any of them then I'll say the one on the far right is the wrong. If it is not metal in the photo then it is sub metallic and that does not fly. 

So the one on the far right is not a meteorite it is terrestrial mineral.

The one on the far left does not look like a meteorite to me either. 

If there is a meteorite in the group I'd say the center one is the most likely candidate. 

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Hi Guys

Mike I surely thought you would guess these right. But my photo skills are really lacking. The left hand side one is SAU 559 a Uralite .The center and right end one are JAH 845 Mesosiderite . Both I found in Oman and were classified by Lawrence Garvey at ASU. The Uralite is almost non magnetic with virtually no pull with a strong magnet. They are loaded with primitive diamonds. I toasted two, 10 inch and one 6 inch diamond tip saw blades cutting it in half. I think ASU or who ever does thin sections for them ruined even more . The JAH 845 after cutting it and seeing no visible metal we found a green crystal in it. If it weren't for the crystal I don't think they would have classified it.  The picture looks like one is shiny or metallic but it's just a polished cut. I found 3 pieces of it and they all fit together. I brought ASU another dozen or so unclassified finds I made but they didn't want to classify them. My second trip to Oman I made some really big and nice finds which were all confiscated and we ended up in jail. We were deported out of Oman with only the cloths on our backs. Our State Department is a joke. Well you all win my admiration even though no one was correct.:)

Happy Huntin John B

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22 hours ago, DarkSilicate said:

Hard to tell with the photos but I would not have guessed the left one to be a Urelite.  That would have been tough even with a hand lens.  Congrats on more great finds.  


4 hours ago, John B. said:

Hi Mr Silicate.

I believe your spelling of urelite is correct but my spell check says it's uralite . So It's much smarter than I soooo hence my posts using the word uralite. :rolleyes: Happy Huntin John B.

Actually it's spelled with 2 i,  an i before and after the l....ureilite.


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32 minutes ago, John B. said:

Hi Skip

Thanks for the spelling lesson. Hummm I wonder what a uralite is ???? :idunno: The joke is they are all meteorites .:) Sorry but I'm not very good on a computer, as a matter of fact I hate the darn things. 

Happy Huntin John B.

plural -s
a usually fibrous and dark-green amphibole resulting from alteration of pyroxene
Some specimen photos
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