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GPX5000 and extras

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Hi All

I really hate to do this, but, do to age and health. I need to sell  my GPX5000 bought from Chris G. Over at AZ Outback, in 2019.This detector is like new. It has less than 3 days detecting time on it. Will post photos of factory SN tag on bottom to buyer.Asking 3500.00 USD and will ship free to USA only. Still recovering from knee replacement and need another in a few months. Will take PayPal famialy and friends, payment. 

2019 GPX5000 carbon fiber shaft, 12” Nugget Finder evolution coil,  both factory mono and DD COILs never Ben mounted. 18” Coiltek Elite Mono.never used brand new. One charge on Factory battery. Doc’s Gold screamer two batteries and charger, swingy thing. To keep coil in perfect position, and level. Electronics covers and heavy duty cuff pad. Factory unused head phones. Each coil has it’s own shaft for quick changes. Comes with mine lab battery harness, cables, chargers









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I don’t know if every one is afraid of this post but I have been a member here in good standing for many years and this version of the forum since 2019. This is legitimate sale. Please don’t be afraid. If the price out of line for an almost new 5000, with the extras I’ll open to OBO. Or for some trade on price. I know cash is tight now and and a lot. If no one is interested here then It will go on Flee Bay. I’ll wait until next week, if no one wants it here I will brake up the package. Start selling  it item by items.


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On 2/1/2022 at 9:16 PM, Terrybz said:

Hi. Still available? Where is it located?


Yes it is still available. I live out side of Colorado Springs, CO. I don’t have the original box, but I do have a padded Minelab detector bag that can be slipped in side a sturdy box and ship it, UPS, or another carrier of your choice.


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