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An Oriented Gold Basin and King Tut Meteorite

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Hi All

I've found several oriented stones in Gold Basin . They are pretty beat up though. One I found is Hualapai Wash 026 which was an H5 chondrite in 3 pieces . I only got to keep 2 of those pieces the other went to science. Well here are some pix of the King Tut L5 and a Gold Basin stone that are oriented. Both have ablation bubbling on the back side. The King Tut was aged at +or - 200 years old Terrestrial age. Well here's some pictures. Happy Huntin John B. 

GEDC1289 (1).JPG

GEDC1292 (1).JPG



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Oriented means they achieved a stable position while passing through the atmosphere so that one side took the brunt of the atmospheric friction.  The shield shapes shown here are classic oriented meteorite shapes, where the dome face is the portion that was taking most of the hit.

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Hi Guys

Well it was named after me, :) no it was named after the King Tut Mine .For those who have never been there it is a giant dirt pile and visible for miles. We used to store our trailers at the Meadview RV park. While charging up the batteries I'd nugget hunt for a couple of hours across the highway below the mine. That trip Dr. David Kring was coming up. I had found it but I didn't think it was a meteorite. It looked like someone had melted black sand or ?? I was filing on it when David arrived. He immediately recognized it and took it away from me. Happy Huntin John B.

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John, don't worry about spelling, I hadn't even noticed.  For me, just being able to communicate with you even if for a little bit is certainly an honor on my part.  I didn't know who you were at first but since figured it out.  You are a legend to me as is Twink and all those from the early years of Gold Basin.  I certainly feel bad that you got into trouble with the law in Oman at what I can only imagine had to be a lot of expense to you and your associates at the time.  I have to say though, if it wasn't for people like yourself that were willing to travel to other countries in order to bring back specimens we might not otherwise ever get to see, the meteorite community would have missed out on a lot.  So thank you for all you did and all you endured to do that.  I visited briefly with Mike Farmer on just such a trip he made that didn't go well.  And there have been other great meteorite hunters/dealers that have made sacrifices likewise.  I appreciate the efforts for sure.  

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