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I was out recently with my monster 1000 and hit registered on some rocks I stuffed in my pockets and just crushed them up this weekend. 
here are pictures of both dry and wet crushed have a look and please please tell me if you think there is gold in what you see. 
I have a container that is 4” round and 5” high of the Material. 











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If there's any gold it would be almost impossible to see it in the material you're showing us, especially in photos, the only way to know for sure is to pan it out and see what's left in the bottom of the pan, that's how everyone determines if a suspected rock has any free milling gold in it short of doing an assay, crush it and then pan the material.

Let us know what you find out by panning it.

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13 hours ago, Allen said:

Ya I just have to crush it down again then I can run it through. It was still to big when I ran one sample run this past weeken through the blue bowl. 

Blue bowl instructions

Frank gave me one right after he bought the patent 

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Did you run a magnet through it to clean out any metal?  Look closely at any rocks that stick to it also.

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