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Metal Detecting gold in Mariposa County

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I was planning for a long time now to go detecting in Mariposa County which is a little more then a four hour drive from Los Angeles where I live and it looks like every most accessible spot are already claimed on landmatters. Since every good spot is already claimed I'm wondering if someone here knows of anyone who has claims that allow prospecting on there property for a fee? I appreciate any help.



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Just now, middleforkminer2 said:

GPAA might have some…. 

ETA …. It might get crowded in some spots… lots of homeless in public access areas…I haven’t been there in a long time, but a friend of mine said Italian bar just west of the LDMA claim, has turned into a biohazard area… good luck.

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For land matters, that will tell me how many claims in a section and get the claim name and the owners name, but it won’t tell me where in that section the claims are.  There can be sixteen 160 acre claims or hundred twenty eight 20 acre claims.  My math may be off on that but my point is these sections are a square mile and a lot of claijs can fit in there.

Best thing to do is go to the county recorders website and download the maps and piece them together to see if a strip of land is open. 

Almost always something.  I was looking for some stuff in Yuma by a open pit gold mine, and that area was claimed up, but after a mile stuff opened up and the roads in the area were not that bad.

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