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Breccia in breccia, super view!

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Sorry, but metal in Lunar, ah, i would have to guess, no.  Maybe coarse grained gabbro.  A terrestrial igneous rock I think.  Without seeing any metal as you mentioned, the first thing I notice is the questionable spatial distribution of the materials in the matrix for a Lunar.  IOW, too much the same.  i could be wrong.

i might mention that pictures of the outside of a suspect stone would go a lot farther in identifying it than seeing the matrix.  At least for me viewing a stone online versus having it in hand and being able to examine it under a low-power scope, etc.  Maybe put up both, an inside picture and outside.  Almost all meteorites will show some indications of its travel thru the atmosphere.  Melting, flowing, flow lines, fusion crust, frothy in places as is the case sometimes, etc.  Just a suggestion.  

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