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Want to lease Claim in Wyoming or Colorado

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A few retired guys looking for a claim (with gold) to lease for summer of 2022 in Wyoming or Colorado.  Need ability to use gas motor to suction/ highbank.  Don't want to be confined to creek bed. Would like to dig in old banks and ancient riverbed but also find some bedrock.

Please contact me if you have or aware of someone willing to work out a deal.

Thank You Sirs,


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I wish I luck on your adventure.  

Proceed with caution.  Somewhere over 300k claims across the US.  Very, very few of them are good.  Fewer are good for placer work.  Fewer are in your area.

I’m only mentioning this because of the claims for sale in central AZ that an average person probably are not good.  Especially if the seller has hundreds of claims for sale.  My educate guess is the whole state of AZ has about a dozen people earning money off placer mining, meaning no equipment sales and no other job. My uneducated guess is Wyoming is the same.

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