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Bacteria may have played big role in the formation of massive silver, gold deposits

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The inference was drawn by scientists at Penn State University and the University of Saskatchewan after they found silver in coprolites, or fossilized feces, collected from the Ravens Throat River Lagerstätte in the Mackenzie Mountains located in Canada’s Northwest Territories. 

The fossils that they found date back to the Cambrian geologic period, more than 500 million years ago. Today the site sits in a cold, mountainous area (IN NW CANADA!!!), but in the Cambrian period, it was located near the equator and submerged under the ocean.



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24 minutes ago, mn90403 said:

There is bacterial gold in Quartzsite and other parts of Arizona.  Dr. Melchiorre has researched it extensively.

I know a guy that has found some of it.


I found some of it too.😉

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