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 I love Nevada, my last trip with my dry-washer yielded me a little gold. I know its not much, but compared to prospecting Utah, It seems to make me smile every trip. I spent a lot of time in Nevada without even putting a shovel in the ground, refusing to trespass on someone else's claim. One day I met a claim owner that showed me his claim, and told me I was welcome any time. Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I don't go out often, But what a great person for spreading happiness and friendship.


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1 hour ago, nugget108 said:

Great looking gold, good job. I love Nevada gold! Do you ever come here detecting?

I have a Gold Pro 1000, and yes I have used it a little in Nevada. I have yet to find a nugget at all. Most of my prospecting has been done in Utah, that gets tiring. I can find more gold in Nevada in a day than in Utah in three. Detecting in Utah for me has been a total waste of time. I haven't spent much time with my gold pro in Nevada either, I guess for the most part a shovel must fit my hand better LOL. I'm in my sixty's so getting up and down only to find tin foil and led gets to be a little hard on my knees but I do enjoy it.

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