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Help with ID please

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Hi all, found these three during my various metal detecting trips, two have what looks like copper in them and one of the two attracts the magnet. The third grey color with shiny silver metal spots inside grey. Grey color one was found in sea environment has no rust and is not magnetic. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I polished one side of each to expose the internal structure.  









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Just now, GeoJack said:



Non ferrous though, very light magnetic field, when you pass magnet over it you can feel slight interaction but doesn’t attach, dark part is metallic and can be polished. Quite heavy as well and dense. I’m quite baffled by it. 

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1 minute ago, GeoJack said:

Would help to know approximate location. Looks to be slag from a incomplete melt of metals (copper/iron mix)


Oh, sorry the ones with copper inclusions are possibly slag , found in south of Ireland in the fields, no industrial production but possibly from a much older times as it is quite historical area and copper is known to be mined around those parts. I looked at some photos of slag and you might be right. It’s the grey one that is more interesting to me and probably you will be correct regarding it as well. 🙁 thanks for the help, really appreciate it.

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