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Just got home. Windy trip for sure. Got TH in it's bed for awhile, will clean out tomorrow.
I now have to throw some excellent kudos out to the WSPA club and most especially Jeff, Denny (been way too long dude!) and Clark.  Spent the last 6 days at Gold Basin. WSPA did 2 pushes and had a coin shoot on Sunday. Saturday night there was the steak barbq. My brother and I were guests and couldn't have felt  more family! Gold was brought home.
They are more California and Nevada but looking into Arizona. Check them out. Couldn't find a better crew to hunt with!

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I was an original member back a few years ... Number 25 I think. Had to leave because of some disagreements with a certain person and way he was handling the posts from members. Sounds like from what I have heard there is a new direction and positive flow going now. Good to here they are considering some claims in this direction(AZ that is) ... I may have to look into rejoining ... well if I don't have a life time black ball that is! LOL! I think I left on good terms so  ... maybeeeee!? I found most of the guys and gals I met to be really good folks. 

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Unfortunate that you left due to a disagreement.  The folks currently active are very positive and want to get the club going in the right direction.  The politics are done and over with, and we want to keep it that way.

We are looking for Arizona claims and you are certainly welcome to return!



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The dues are $135.00 annually if under 62 years old, $100.00 if 62 or older.  

Yes, these locations are either on public land or private property and you may camp there.  The specific locations of properties will not be available on the non member side of the website.  Currently we have three properties in Arizona, two down south and one in Gold Basin.  We also have one in the Sierra Mts.   We are actively looking to acquire good properties.  

We don't have the application information posted at this time, but it will be shortly.   The leadership and members are working to get the club back up as a healthy organization and it is coming along.  Thank you for your patience and interest.



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Hi All

Don't forget the membership is free if you have a claim and allow WSPA members access. That's assuming it would have detectable gold or possible dry washing/high banking. Oh and if you pay us $200.00 we will make you 21 again !! :)

Happy Huntin John B.

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